This is a special session of the course 'How to Access international Markets'. This course is an accession course to the virtual training of trainers on market access, which will commence on 7-10 November 2022. Your success in this course will count toward your certification on market access by ITC.

This course introduces techniques that are used for successful international business generation, in both face-to-face and virtual/remote environments. Each environment is described in terms of its characteristics, pros and cons, challenges, as well as the factors that determine respective comparative advantages.

It also teaches the basics of market access for goods, covering tariffs and non-tariff measures. Participants will acquire crucial concepts and terminology and perform practical exercises to learn how to use ITC's Market Access Map tool, which provides detailed up-to-date market access information for more than 200 countries and territories.

NOTE: We recommend using the latest version of the Chrome or Safari browsers to ensure an optimal experience viewing the lectures.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

Analyse market access conditions based on their understanding of key terminology and concepts;
Make informed decisions in terms of expanding into international markets based on market access conditions; and
Use ITC's Market Access Map tool to analyse and compare market access conditions in terms of countries and products;
  • Module 1: Introduction to Market Access
  • Module 2: Analysing Market Access Conditions
  • Module 3: Using ITC's Market Access Map Tool
  • Case Study Exercise
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